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Corner Coffee Co. has been stealing the limelight away from other business’ for all of the right reasons. We were recently commissioned to design and manufacture all of the branding for this unique coffee bar. Every little detail has turned out perfectly from the logo fitting in with the wood chosen to build the bench tops to the advertising on the light boxes creating that “feel good” moment when you walk past the shop. From the second you are near shop, it is ever so tempting to want to walk in. The delicious aroma of the coffee coupled with the rustic and recycled feel of the shop and graphics make it a place you want to be.

This has been one of our favourite project so far, as the end result is simply stunning. We were also able to flex our creative muscles on this project producing branding that will draw the customer in and entice them to try the amazing coffee and food. As soon as the customer walks in and realised that this is more of a coffee experience rather than just a shop, our job was essentially done. The award winning barista’s and the delicious food did the rest.

Being in Sydney’s main train station, a majority of people are return customers on their commute to and from work so it was important that all of the branding and menu’s clearly explained the process of ordering “the perfect coffee for you”. People are very time poor, especially on their way to work so as well making the branding look visually appealing, it needs to actually function and save both the customer and barista time.

One of our favourite pieces of branding for Corner Coffee Co. was the gluten free poster we created. After trying to create the effect of wording in flour using fonts and images on the Mac, we realised it was time to go back to our kindergarten finger painting days and just write it by hand. After a bit of experimentation the end result turned out better than we could have ever imagined.

Overall we’ve loved this project, and look forward to the call we will hopefully receive saying “we need to open another store, you’ve helped us create a monster”. Lets just hope this time it is Adelaide based so we can at least benefit from the amazing coffee and delicious food from Corner Coffee Co.

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